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Here, you will conquer! Nothing is conquered without a lot of work and preparation, and our current champions are a live prove of it. At the Quinta de Monserrate Competition level we are 100% focused on raising your game level to the maximum!

Under the leadership of prof. Kiko Themudo, you will work consistently to achieve the best performance and conquer unforgettable victories.

If your goal is to be at the TOP, this is where you should make your journey.

Activate your champion spirit and join the Monserrate family!



parque da cidade

Parque da Cidade

Estrada da Circunvalação, 15687
Código postal
+351 910 139 430

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Are you always looking for the best? Always focused on improving? Then this is for you. Our structure is capable of improving not only your level of play as well as your physical condition.

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