Tennis Academy

4 – 18 years

VLV and VLV Premium

1x/week | 2x/week | Single Classes

The Green, Orange and Red Category are designed to accommodate players aged 4 to 18.

If you are looking to introduce your child or start competing in Tennis, come and try a class with us. We are sure that he/she will immediately want to become a member of our family!

Quinta de Monserrate – Sport Clube do Porto has the Porto City Park as the main facilities of the Tennis Academy, coordinated by the “champions creator” Kiko Themudo.

Our vast team of coaches has managed to obtain excellent medium and long-term results, being responsible for the development of multiple national and international champions from the under-12 to under-18 categories.

The color categories differentiate the various learning levels and respective ages. What differentiates the Normal School from the Premium School is the duration of the training – 1 hour or 1h30min, respectively.


VLV Academy

1x/week / 2x/week

Duration: 1 Hour

VLV Premium Academy

1x/week / 2x/week

Duration: 1h30min


parque da cidade

Parque da Cidade

Estrada da Circunvalação, 15687
Código postal
+351 910 139 430

Tennis Prices

Are you always looking for the best? Always focused on improving? Then this is for you. Our structure is capable of improving not only your level of play as well as your physical condition.

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