Combining Health and Sport

A partnership between Quinta de Monserrate

and the Santa Maria do Porto Hospital

The eighth edition of Open Hospital de Santa Maria Porto celebrates the fusion between health and sport. This meeting, the result of the partnership between Hospital de Santa Maria Porto and Quinta de Monserrate, goes beyond the athletic scene, becoming an emblem of deep and meaningful collaboration.

The synergy between the fields of health and sport come together towards a common objective: promoting the integral well-being of the community. In this union, a joint commitment to physical, mental and emotional health is affirmed, outlined by experts who recognize the crucial importance of movement and physical activity in maintaining health.

The Open Hospital of Santa Maria Porto promotes this vision with every hit of the racket.
Here, participants are agents of change, inspiring others to adopt a more active and healthy lifestyle. This event serves as a platform where sporting excellence meets dedication to health, where competitive spirit, collaboration and mutual care prevail.

About the Tourney


F, M & MX


1 to 6

Ranking FPP


Organizing Club

Clube de Matosinhos

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Federação Portuguesa de Padel


Welcome Kit

Every participant

Prize Money




Tournament Schedule



To be announced soon

A space dedicated to the adrenaline of padel games, where dexterity and strategy meet in a healthy and exciting competition.


Wellbeing Area

To be announced soon

The health space, where adults can immerse themselves in a variety of activities dedicated to the body and mind. From nutrition and psychology sessions to mindfulness and yoga practices, this space offers resources and guidance to achieve inner and outer balance.


Children’s Area

To be announced soon

For our children, we have a special space where they can explore their creativity through drawing classes, while also learning the benefits of yoga, cultivating healthy habits and the ability to relax from an early age.


Social Area

To be announced soon

A community space where everyone comes together to enjoy music, dance and entertainment. With DJs and concerts for a vibrant and festive atmosphere that celebrates not just the competition, but also the connection of the entire community.

Partnerships and Sponsorships

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