Open Hospital de Santa Maria Porto

14-16 June | Clube de Matosinhos

Academy Classes

Come try our Padel and Tennis classes

Corporate Events

Organize a different Teambuilding for your Company

Season 2023/2024

We are proud to enter our 9th season.
Every year we set goals and strive to go further.
The idea that will accompany us this year is “Your rhythm is ours”.
This intention of adaptation, of listening, is important to remember.
Watch this season’s video.

Quinta means farm. We provide farm vibes in the heart of the cities.

Always look for more and better. Explore, experiment and always give 100%!

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Performance Training Center

Are you always looking for the best? Always focused on improving? Then this is for you. Our structure is capable of improving not only your level of play as well as your physical condition!


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clube matosinhos

Clube de Matosinhos

Rua Avelino Casebre
4450-057 Matosinhos
+351 915 501 423
indoor matosinhos

Indoor de Matosinhos

R. Sousa Aroso 901,
4450-291 Matosinhos
+351 936 891 188
parque da cidade

Parque da Cidade

Estrada da Circunvalação, 15687
4100-183 Porto
+351 910 139 430


R. da Rocha 211,
4405-655 Valadares
+351 969 449 063


Lugar de Cabanas 4A
4700-048 Dume
+351 915 501 026
padel up maia

Maia (Padel UP)

Reservado a colaboradores SONAE
Lugar do Espido
Via Norte

Corporate Activities


Team Buildings / Events

We provide tailored solutions to fulfill all kind of needs – from classes, games, coffee breaks, lunches and rooms for presentations, and merchandising.

QM Coins

QM Coins is a currency that can be exchanged for training classes and/or individual games. This will give your employees the chance of having a regular contact with the sport – either training or competing with other players.

Advertising in Quinta de Monserrate

Would you like to see your company with a presence in our Clubs? We have countless solutions to be able to advertise your products/services to tens of thousands of people annually.

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