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Kids / Junior

From 4 to 18 there is a lot of energy and time to invest! We have to take advantage of all our strength and make use of our lives. Padel is a fun and social sport, dynamic and which encourages useful and functional insights. Learning comes in every match and every play. The Padel court is a great rehearsal for the game of life.



Exercising is essential for the body to remain strong, the mind balanced and the spirit happy. Time is limited and you need to invest it well. Padel is the perfect union of social and sport, leisure and exercise, health and motivation!

Where can you try


Clube de Matosinhos

Rua Avelino Casebre
4450-057 Matosinhos
+351 915 501 423
(Call to national mobile network)


Indoor de Matosinhos

R. Sousa Aroso 901,
4450-291 Matosinhos
+351 936 891 188
(Call to national mobile network)


Parque da Cidade

Estrada da Circunvalação, 15687
4100-183 Porto
+351 910 139 430
(Call to national mobile network)

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